Saturday, July 28, 2007

Kaze no Ne (Sound of the Wind)

Current Addiction: Kaze no Ne (Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles OST)
Check out the English translation. The lyrics are beautifully written.

Kaze no Ne (Sound of the Wind) - Japanese Release
Kirameku hoshizora wa yume no ma ni ma ni
A sky of glittering stars speaks to me
Tadayotteru watashi e to katarikakeru
Wandering at the mercy of dreams

Sazameku kaze no ne wa tobira no hiraku ne
The sound of the rippling wind is the sound that opens the door
Ima hajimaru monogatari no hiraku ne
The sound that will unfold the story that now begins

Habataku toritachi mo hi o abi tonde yuku
Flapping birds fly off too, bathed in the sun
Saa, tabidatsu toki ga kita
The time has come for your departure
Mayowazu ni yuke
Don't hesitate--just go

Daijoubu--to asayake no sora wa itta
"It's all right" said the sunrise sky

Yurameku kokoro no oku ni
If you hide in the depths of a wavering heart
Kakurete wa mieru
You can still be seen
Afureru omoide o kakarete
Carrying memories that overflow

Furikaeru na--asayake no sora wa itta
"Don't turn back" said the sunrise sky

Hatenaki yama no mukou ni
If you hide beyond the endless mountains
Kakurete wa mieru
You can still be seen
Kasuka na hikari made aruite
Walking along toward the hazy light

Hatenaki sora no mukou ni
If you hide beyond the endless sky
Kakurete wa mieru
You can still be seen
Tashika na miraizu o motomete
Searching for a reliable future

English Release
Dreaming of the stars on high
That speak to me in secret sighs
Drifting on a breeze only I can feel and hear

Could it be the sacred wind
It's calling me to now begin
To walk into the dark carrying the light of tomorrow

Beating are the wings up high
Beyond the earth, beyond the sky
Come now, don't hesitate
Don't look back, we've got to go now

Don't fear
You'll be safe from now on
Morning sky watching over the world

Deep inside so silent
Here my heart must beat
Deep inside of me
Memories flickering and shimmering on endlessly

Keeping close to the path
Morning sky watching over the world

Moving over endless mountains oh so high
Walking to the light
Your heart will see the path and you will find the way
Just wait and see

Moving over endless sky oh so high
Tomorrow will follow
When above, your promise is today
Just wait and see

The Japanese version
Instructions to really enjoy the song: Close your eyes and listen, and ignore the pictures :)

The English version
Hmm... FFCC + FFX, not bad afterall...

FFCC Opening (English)

Official FFCC site:


Alvin said...

Another FF fan? :D I'm looking forward to FF Tactics in PSP...and of coz...the new FF for PS3 *drools*

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